Seal it with a Kiss: The Most Loved Beauty Business in America

KISS Products Inc. is America’s most-loved beauty business for good reason. Their products are high quality whilst simultaneously they are marvellously easy to use, and they are made in every possible design under the sun. After attending the launch of Lash Couture at the end of August I became the proud new owner of a beautiful and extensive lash collection; it is so phenomenally wide-ranging that I’m going to separate it into three categories: Morning, Evening and Midnight.
Before I uncover every beautiful style in each lash range it’s important to talk about the preliminaries. For starters, brows: I do not pluck or colour my brows, and yet they have been one of my favourite and most important parts of my visage routine since high school. A well-brushed brow arch adds chic mystique to every face, and Kiss clearly want to aid everyone’s brow journey; their Beautiful Brow Kit comes with stencils (in four different styles), brushes and palettes galore.

They additionally have a Wing It Eyeliner kit, whose six stencils, painting brush and waterproof ink turn every lid they touch into that of a French maman.
With the lashes, firstly, if you do not have any glue, you will need some: each pair of Kiss lashes thankfully is paired with a small adhesive, but Kiss sell additional clear Strip Lash glue, in case you’re on short supply. If you are experimenting with faux lashes for the first time, Kiss sell a handy True Beginner’s Kit, which comes with everything you will need and more. If you have small eyes, their measuring kit and trimmers will be useful when making your faux lashes the exact right size; however, I didn’t need to use these particular tools as the lashes fit my lids perfectly (thanks Kiss ). Their little mirror and plastic pink prop-up stand is fantastic for perfecting your application from every angle, and the sturdy application tool is very helpful for those with wobbly fingers.

So, to the extensive lash collection…

The lashes that I would describe as belonging to an Early Spring Morning collection are the ‘Blooming Lash’ lashes collection. They range from the subtly spaced Lily pair, to the full but fine Daisy pair (as worn by me in this post), and to the bolder flourishing Peony pair. Each pair is subtle, with a dash of early Hollywood glamour.
The seductive ‘Looks So Natural’ range were made to bat over a candlelit dinner. The Pretty pair are bold and spaced a la the sirens of the ‘sixties, whereas the Iconic pair are bold and full to enchant any onlooker. If you’re looking an in-between style, that is playful enough for the morning, yet daring enough for an evening, you could try the ‘True Volume’ natural plump range in Ritzy.

The darkest hour deserves the darkest lashes, and Kiss has just released the unbelievable ‘Lash Couture’ range to do just that. If you fancy a dark, mid-length flare opt for Midnight; if you are going for the darkest, most entrancing, irresistible stare, try Gala.
Which is your favourite pair?

*Bisous is French for Kisses 😚

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