Puppy Love at Dog and Scone Café

Just over two weeks ago I went to the happiest and most wholesome café in North East England. A hidden gem, Dog and Scone dog café can be found down a windy little side alley, next door to Mog On Tyne cat café.
Welcomed by five dogs in total, I enjoyed an hour of puppy bliss which included cuddling a sleepy Bichon Frise, massaging a toy Yorkshire Terrier and playing with a baby Pug.
Dogs aside, it is a sweet café in itself, serving drinks dotted with puppy portraits and an array of lunches and desserts, in a bright open room designed like a garden-terrace.
And it just gets better! Dog and Scone will soon be introducing Sugar, a Teacup Pomeranian, to the café, and I cannot wait to meet her!

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