Fabulous and festive at the tips of your fingers!

When there are only five Fridays until Christmas, you know that it is officially time to get festive – it’s time for pre-Christmas Christmas dinner practicing, devotedly indulging in candle-lit baths at least every two nights, snuggling into anything faux fur, and rediscovering that long-forgotten love for champagne truffles.
But if you’re still not feeling that seasonal sparkle, one must become that seasonal sparkle, and the remedy is at the tips of your fingers.

The sunset-plum pigment of the Real Treasures polish is a perfect match for your silkiest dresses and fluffiest coats, adding an air of sultry mystery to any get-together you may be attending. This jewel-inspired shade will transport you through the bazaars of the East, straight to Bethlehem.
Nude polishes don’t need the festive season to look fabulous, but Down Memory Lane is especially majestic during the winter seasons, with its golden hue serving as a thought to all of the Champagne ready to be enjoyed, and as a souvenir to all the previous Prosecco-prompted good times.
During the day, Leighton Denny’s glorious nude is a subtle addition of chicness to match your (faux) shearling coat and classic white skinny-jeans. As for the evening, its shimmer looks perfect holding a flute of sparkling white wine, whilst bringing out the twinkle in your eyes.

What colour will you be wearing for the holidays? x

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