1 year!

I have been running this blog for one whole year! On August 2nd 2017 I posted my first 'Girl of Now' blog, sitting in the same spot in the same kitchen that I am currently typing this post from. I remember it surprisingly vividly: I had been spending the last days of summer with friends before they headed home before returning for the final year of being undergraduates so I had a number of things to muse over, and I had additionally decided to start baking (I remember my sweet and citrusy banana bread adventure with fondness!) - so in honour of this celebration, I have decided to recap the most memorable parts of this first year of blogging below!

I graduated from university
One of the most poignant parts of any student's life is graduating from university. From starting this blog until June, I completed my third and final undergraduate year at Durham and graduated in the summer with First Class Honours.

I completed two term-time jobs
My final year at university was undoubtedly made different from my previous years, as this time I was working during term in two marketing and communications roles, from September all the way until May; my first marketing role was for the world's largest legal service network, and the second was for a governmental department. I loved these jobs, as they allowed me to break up my study time and do some corporation-induced travelling to London, resulting in lots of skyscraper and fancy bar adventures!

I travelled
As you may have seen in my previous blog posts, over the past few months I travelled to Cyprus to see my family and explore the beautiful landscape, and I went to Edinburgh in Scotland for the first time (and, in the space of one month, ended up going twice!). I loved these travels, and think that the more you explore different places, the more well-rounded you become. Opportunities to travel are to be maximised and appreciated!

I took up baking
As mentioned above, I really enjoyed taking up baking - it's the most peaceful way to spend an evening, unwinding, doing something practical and listening to some soothing instrumental music. Bakes can be found in my food tag!

For me, these have been the highlights of my first year with a blog that I have maintained with a good consistency! What have your highlights been for the past year? Feel free to leave a comment below! Let's see what the rest of 2018 brings...

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