A girl's guide: What to wear when hiking

I love exploring the countryside and I have been so lucky to get more into walking and hiking as my final term as a university undergraduate ended. From the start of summer until now, I have been getting into the rural scenery as much as possible - but as the weather changes, so will the hiking outerwear! So here's my What To Wear guide for girls going on long walks and great hikes depending on the weather!
On those ephemeral sunny days I start by recommending a cap: any cap will do as its purpose is solely to shade your eyes from the sunlight and your head from getting too warm! But it's always nice to add a personal touch in the minor details, so my cap is branded XO (if you know, you know).

A sports bra is ideal for the summer as (depending on the size/fit of the top) they can be worn like a normal cropped sports top, with another bra underneath, or on its own. I pair my Victoria Secret Sport sports bra with a matchy matchy pair of VSX sports shorts, perfect for a walk in the sunshine! And finally a pair of super comfy trainers are simply necessary for any adventure: I wear New Balance trainers, and paired them with some Tommy Hilfiger tennis socks, as they are thicker than regular ankle ones.
As the weather becomes milder, for low-intensity hikes I would recommend:
1. Comfy trainers or hiking boots if you have them (I don't have any! And the last time I wore them they were very difficult to walk in, potentially because they are so heavy and need special socks)
2. Regular leggings (rather than gym leggings: because of the fabric, gym trousers are very hot, and if the weather is mild regular leggings are much more comfortable)
3. A thin long-sleeved top - I buy mine from Hollister
4. A light gilet (mine is a baby pink one from Adidas)
(Peep the bunny socks)
Happy exploring!

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