Late summer glam

The mild weather and glorious sunshine of August and September is too wonderful to overlook, and it ought to be maximised before the crisp winds and grey clouds of Autumn descend. So why not optimise the golden glow of late summer and give yourself a little extra sparkle? Recently I was kindly sent an especially glamorous selection of beauty products which really provide that additional boost of pizazz for when one wants to shine!

The Leighton Denny Expert Nails polish range named 'Havana Heat' is a sumptuous selection of colours, mimicking the romantic shades of vivid Mexico, and are the perfect compliment for a dazzling late summer outfit. Rumba Rose is a luxurious shade of warm nude pink, extra opulent when coupled with the technicolour top-coat Street Dance, which shimmers like vivid sparkling confetti. The dusty blue of Cool Rain will carry you from the hot showers of South America into the dreamy Autumn months, and thus works as the ideal transition colour. 
For a powerful shock of 'wow' Kiss Lash Couture's new '5th Avenue' Collection will add a super punch of drama with their extraordinarily extra range of faux-lashes. 'Splendor' is a particularly effective design, with dark long lashes which flair into a natural curve. Even for those who are not the most dab-hand at make-up application, for an easy and very effective routine, simply add a pair from the 5th Avenue Collection and you'll have everyone awestruck during the late summer months!
Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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