On remembering that life is sweet

I think that now is as good a time as any to remind yourself that life is sweet. It's a reminder which should be mentally reiterated consistently, maybe once every few hours, in order to keep yourself grounded and sure that, after all, everything will be okay. But it's usually swept under the carpet, along with all of the other important stuff (eating well, exercising daily, thinking positively, speaking kindly, et cetera et cetera), that is seen to be common sense.

When something that is not good happens, think of five great things to focus on, straight after you've given yourself a decent grieving period to mull, accept and, eventually (depending on its severity), brush off.

You can easily forget to do the fun things you used to, or you can feel too tired to begin the new project you wanted to begin - but that's the worst thing to do. And it's not even the easy thing to do. So, for if you ever need them, here are a collection of things to remember and focus on, for when life needs a little dusting of sweetness:

5. Do something new, keeping life exciting
4. Stay connected with the amazing people you know, or (if they're not amazing) reach out to new people
3. Eat less processed food, and try making as much from scratch as possible - enjoy the process
2. Exercise at least once a day
1. Think positive affirmations - you deserve it

Have an amazing weekend - xx

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