Night skincare routine: New Year TLC

The beginning of New Year seems like a perfect time to rejig your self-care routine. You want to start the new decade glowing on the inside and the outside, waking up to exotic fragrances and basking in your own radiant complexion.

Looking wonderful can make you feel wonderful. So when you're thoroughly exhausted after a day's work, indulge by treating yourself to some luxury TLC.

Here are my firm favourites:

For a luxury wash...

Try Molton Brown Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel shower gel, to revive your senses with its sharp and spicy scent. Even better, massage away the day with a bath lily or loofah (mine is from Sanctuary) - they are such a treat for your muscles and circulation. If you can't find a Molton Brown shop to try out some of their fragrances, Jack Wills men's bath gels have strong masculine scents, so they work as great dupes. For face care, The Body Shop Tea Tree range is a great way to stay looking and feeling cleansed.

For a luxury cleanse & moisturise...

Try Clinique clarifying lotion, for a sharp way to tone your skin, and follow with their Dramatically Different moisturiser, for a neutral-scented face cream. Sanctuary Spa Aloe Vera and Argan Oil body lotion is skin-quenching, smelling sumptuous and feeling luscious.

What to wear...

Slip into a pair of satin pyjamas. I'm currently wearing a long-sleeved lilac and grey Victoria's Secret two-piece, and they are so smooth its life-changing.

More ways to indulge...

Include using a calming lavender and chamomile pillow spray from Feather & Down. Quench your night-time thirst with a cup of chamomile tea and a couple squares of Dark Lindt. Delving into an amazing novel - a rare find! - is always a pleasure; right now I'm looking for a good new read, so recommendations are welcome! And before you go to sleep, keep your hands and feet nourished. Sanctuary Spa and L'Occitane do lovely hand creams, and Amphora Aromatics and Baylis & Harding (I love the mandarin & grapefruit scent) do gorgeous foot care.

Sweet dreams!

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