Beginning of February in Cambridge

I started Monday the right way! Maybe it was something to do with having fun and interesting dreams, or maybe it was because I had already thought about what I wanted to do when I woke up, (or maybe it was the fact that the sky was already bright at 7am!) but, after breakfast, I knew that there were a couple videos I wanted to film so - voila! - I filmed them! I filmed two whole videos and started a third (my weekly vlog - here's last week's) which made my morning very productive. I had already done the majority of my readings for today's 1-3pm lecture (thank you past Sapphire) so after filming it was pretty much time to make lunch and then head to my class. Afterwards I had intended to go to a career's panel in town but was struck ill, so instead I had a small crisp walk to my local mini shops and bought some medication and a couple (/far too many) bars of Lindt 70% cocoa, and one Lindt Extra Creamy - it's self care, ya know!

With an essay draft due in a few days I started Tuesday by writing up about 500-600 words, taking good breaks per each half-hour, and then I edited together one of the videos I filmed for YouTube yesterday morning (which will be up next week ;) In the evening I helped set up the Great Hall for one of the three Harry Potter formals my college is hosting this week and it looked phenomenal - banners for each of the Houses hung on the walls, and each attendee would get a wand (cute) and a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour (vegetarian) beans. I felt really lucky to be able to be involved in something so beautiful and, all things being well, should be attending a Harry Potter formal of my own on Friday!

The essay work continued Wednesday morning, working on methodology and research design rather than the literature review today. I did some laundry to break up the studying and, after a vegan (!!!) lunch of Quorn, salad, and lots of hot sauce, I ate a bowl of blueberries... with chopsticks :) After finally teaching myself how to use them I decided to stretch my new muscle with the berries. I had a lecture at the start of the afternoon and had to leave early to make it to a careers fair in the old Arts School - turns out that apparently even the 'creative' industries are basically just consultancy too! Yikes right! Anyway, after that (of which the highlight was getting two Lindt chocolates, which obviously made the trip worth it) I bought some bits from M&S and treated myself to two salmon fillets *heart eyes* for dinner. I hadn't eaten any kind of meat for over a month so thought a little treat was due.

I began Thursday morning by finishing up the first draft of my upcoming essay's literature review and research design, and then wrote a gorgeously lavish article for my department's website (which you will see very shortly!) By the afternoon I decided not to walk all the way to the centre of town, for fear of getting hungry as soon as I would get there and then trudging back without having done anything; instead, I went to my local Sainsbury's to buy a bar of Lindt (I must always have supplies available in my dorm room). Ended the night with pastries, cherries, and girly chats in my House kitchen.

For Friday, I woke up bright and early, and got up bright and early. Headed into town in the morning to do some reading-for-fun in Fitzbillie's café over a cup of Earl Grey.

In the early evening I went to the gym, as I was unable to go during the first half of the week, and when I returned to my room I showered and got ready for my first formal of the year! It was a fabulous Harry Potter themed formal with wax-sealed envelopes on the tables, magically themed cocktails, and owls flying overhead! An eventful end to an eventful week.

You can watch my corresponding weekly vlog here!

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