Rest and recuperation: Staying healthy at university

I have been very lucky at avoiding any colds over the past few months but, potentially due to lots of travelling, dramatic dips in temperature and high blustery winds, I was sadly consumed by one just before I left Durham and headed back to Cambridge. Although the week commencing Monday 24th ideally would be my hammer-home-the-essay week, I decided on Monday that I needed a rest and recuperation day, despite the fact that I have about four-thousand words to write for Thursday; my thought process was, the sooner I heal, the sooner I can work to my ability's best, rather than working whilst I can barely breathe. So my Monday was filled with camomile tea (my piping hot fluid of choice - calming in scent and soothing in temperature), antioxidant-filled blueberries, and - my recent favourite - dark mint Lindt, as a little self-care treat.

On Tuesday I worked on the first third of my essay draft, honing what I had written a few weeks ago, and adding some new information. It ended up being quite an atmospherically stormy afternoon, and I went to the gym in the evening, trying some new equipment to shake up my typical routine.

It was a very sunny morning on Wednesday! The daffodils had all bloomed and the ducks were happy lounging around their pond. I spent the morning talking to some of my college's graduate tutors for the first proper time ever, and it was beneficial to talk to two empathetic and understanding grown-ups. I really wanted to utilise the people and facilities I have paid for at Cambridge, especially in a time of need, and it was definitely worth me reaching out for it, so I highly recommend anyone in need of a discussion with a fresh mind to do so! My lectures were cancelled without our guest lecturer's pre-warning due to another term of strikes, so I spent that time making more notes for the first half of my essay, and tweaking my research design. In the late afternoon I went to the gym - which is always a good idea - and ended up doing a longer session than I usually do, which made me feel very happy and accomplished. After my post-gym shower I made a huge bowl of tagliatelle - the recipe of which you can find here!

Thursday began in the most magical way: I woke up at around 7am and it was snowing! As soon as I realised, I shot out of bed, and had breakfast, washed and dressed as speedily as possible so that I could get outside into the snow. I got a bus into the centre of Cambridge city as I wanted to see how all the gorgeous buildings look with a snowy veil, and then worked until midday in a Korean bakery called Soboro, where I got an Earl Grey (obviously) and raspberry croissant, which I highly recommend (it tasted like a doughnut!).

And Friday bloomed with possibilities for the future...

You can watch this weekly blog in my corresponding weekly vlog! Hope you had a lovely week!

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