April at home: Spring flowers & baking

It has been such a long time since I posted a photo diary on my blog and I don't know why, as my last one - which was of a journey in Edinburgh, Scotland - was so popular and well-loved!

I have stayed at home for over one month now and my days frequently consist of cooking, baking and admiring my garden as it blooms - so I'm going to share all of that loveliness with you right now...

April baking

My first April bakes included homemade muesli which I make with my Mum, and these perfect lemon drizzle cakes

As well as treating myself to a glorious Pimm's ice lolly, I indulged in my super-duper Easter Simnel cake and I made a batch of (very big) cheese and onion pasties

And today I made these love-heart fruit scones which I think are absolutely adorable
April flowers

One of my favourite things about the transition from Spring to Summer is watching the apple blossoms bloom - what is your favourite thing about this time of year?

More spring content can be found on my Instagram - and if you want to laugh, you can head over to my TikTok too :) Hope you have a lovely week!

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