Mother's Day UK Jewellery Gift Guide 2021

Mother's Day is coming up in the UK, so if you are looking for affordable luxury jewellery Silkie Atelier is the place to go ♡

Silkie Atelier offers bespoke limited edition collections of necklaces and bracelets. Upon purchase, your gift will be delicately packaged for a beautiful and safe delivery.

Each choker in the famous Aphrodite collection is comprised of glass pearls, an intricately carved gold toggle clasp, and a beautiful shimmer shell pendant as the cherry on the cake.

The rosé pink Aphrodite choker uses stunning pink pearls for a blush feminine look.

The spring green Aphrodite choker uses light green pearls, making it perfectly appropriate for the approaching spring season!

The peach champagne Aphrodite choker is a rich nude, sophisticated and timeless.

Silkie Atelier also has a stunning silver siren collection for fans of silver jewellery. They are available in blue, champagne, and deep green.

You can keep updated with Silkie Atelier on their Etsy and their Instagram

Let me know which colours are your favourites in the comments below or on my Instagram! 😍

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