My Cambridge University Graduation 2022

On Saturday April 30th 2022 I graduated from the University of Cambridge, with a Master of Philosophy degree from Homerton College! I had the most amazing time being back on campus - plus a lovely excursion to London - and here is my photo diary from the long weekend...

April 29th

When we arrived in Cambridge the first thing on our to-do list was to have lunch. We found a small Italian restaurant called Aromi and had a slice of margarita pizza with a very tasty hot chocolate each.

Then we picked up my gown and hood from Ede and Ravenscroft before heading to my college and former accomodation, which was lovely and nostalgic!

In the evening we ate at a gorgeous Thai restaurant called The Giggling Squid ♡

April 30th

My graduation day was on Saturday and it was wonderful.

Our itinerary was as follows: registration and robing, group photograph, dress rehearsal, lunch, (quick visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum) and then the ceremony! It was the most incredible day.

May 1st

When we arrived in London our first stop was Baker Street, so that we could see 221b, aka the Sherlock Holmes residence! Then we went to Covent Garden, including a stop at Kick Game, before heading to our hotel and exploring Tower Hill.

May 2nd

On our final day we started by enjoying the surroundings by the Tower of London, before heading to the museum district and exploring the V&A.

My graduation vlog can be watched here 💓

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