NYK1 Lash Force Serum: How to apply it and 2023 discount code

I love featuring NYK1's amazing products on The Sapphire Diaries, from their phenomenal tan, to the iconic Lash Force, and I was recently sent NYK1's lash serum, so here is everything that I have learned about it... PLUS an amazing discount code that works on ALL of NYK1's products!

Discount code: SAPPHIRE10

Who are NYK1?

NYK1 is an iconic Hair & Beauty brand that brings salon secrets to your at-home boudoir. Andrea Asquith, the NYK1 Founder, has worked in the beauty industry for over 30 years, and so her products are crafted with three decades worth of salon secrets & skincare wisdom.

What is Lash Force?

Lash Force is the renowned eyelash serum by NYK1, which naturally grows eyelashes in just 8 weeks. Lash Force works by stimulating weak hair follicles, encouraging growth, and preventing lash loss. It innovatively combines natural and purified ingredients to get incredible lash growth results. You can check out the amazing before & after photos on their website here!

How do you apply NYK1 Lash Force?

The eyelash serum has a very light, water-like consistency, and the application instructions are simple.

To apply, shake the bottle well and then unscrew & remove the brush. Make sure that the wand is coated in the serum and then apply it generously to your lash line (push the serum into the lash roots). You can apply a few coats to ensure that the lash line is properly coated, and you can perform your lash ritual twice a day for the best & quickest results.

If you have very sensitive skin, you can test Lash Force on another area before applying it to your lash line. Similar to performing a patch-test before dying your hair, you can of course trial the serum to make sure that it suits your skin.

What is your NYK1 Lash Force discount code?

You can buy Lash Force & Brow Force online here (it is available at nyk1.com & Amazon) and use the discount code SAPPHIRE10 for 10% off your purchase! (remember to use capital letters for the code to apply!)

Discount code: SAPPHIRE10

You can learn more about NYK1 by connecting with them on their social pages here ♡

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