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Get your reading lists

Yes, it is almost September and that only gives you one month to read the entire works of Keats, but better late than never! This is plenty of time for synopsis scanning and reading all of the short poems.

Email your professors

No reading list? Email your professor! They will almost certainly have one of those automated ‘Away until August 14th’ emails so expect a late response. If they take longer than one month to reply, email again but with less pleasantries and smiley faces – however still be courteous, they do give you your final grades you know!

Buy a black pen

You will obviously need at least one if you don’t type your lecture notes, and also for just-in-case purposes. For the surplus supply you can always take the free branded ones from the freshers’ fairs.

Prep an online calendar

Keeping track of lectures, seminars, extracurriculars and the all important Nights Out requires immaculate organisation (unless you have managed to become known as the lovable but always late friend). Make monthly planners so you can adjust your schedule as and when needs be.

Keep your contacts

Okay so there is a lot to be said for being independent; however, having friends is nice and its always better to go out in groups (wherein you can then pick and stick with your favourite banter supplier). Drop a Like here and there, and keep everyone aware that you’re still alive by making a fashionable social media appearance every so often. If you are really struggling with maintaining friendships, let the old ships sail and join lots of societies in order to potentially pull in some new ones.

Plan some outfits!

All of the best things about university happen outside of your studies. Plan your lecture, library, campus gym (😉) and party outfits prior to term, 1) for funsies, and 2) so you have instant va-va-voom looks without batting an eyelid. Great for maintaining your Instagram feed and turning all of your friends into possible hubbies.

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