Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Polish

Hollywood icon Dame Joan Collins launched the luxury brand Timeless Beauty in 2014 which includes a sumptuous range of Skin Care, Cosmetics, Fragrance and Glamorous Accessories, and I was lucky enough to experience her delicious Dry Oil Body Polish. Not only does it make you silky smooth, it's all the better for including a rich blend of Himalayan Salts and Plant Oils at the same time.
Frequently sourced from the Punjab region of lush green Pakistan, the high mineral content and purity of Himalayan Salts make them extremely sought after. Plus, they are a beautiful alternative to the use of microplastics which are fatally consumed by marine-life; 50% of coral in the Great Barrier Reef has died since the 1980s, making the issue of ocean pollution a global concern and devestating catastrophe. The ethical purity of a salt polish adds to your evening serenity.
Complimenting the salt granules the polish combines Kiwi seeds in its formula to keep skin young and vibrant, due to the Kiwi being a leading source of vitamin C.
The scrub blends Olive, Avocado and Golden Jojoba Oils into the salts to bestow their hydrating,  smoothing and protective properties and benefit the applicator of the Timeless polish.

What are you using to help scrub away autumn and submerge into the winter months? x

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