Melting Moments butter oat cookie recipe

Sometimes you just need a little break, and if those cheeky British rainclouds scupper your travel escapism, bring the calm to your own home with some baking bliss. Adorably rustic, wonderfully therapeutic, and they'll make your kitchen smell like the quaintest little café: these Melting Moments are simple to make, and heavenly when accompanied by Mediterranean guitar music strumming in the background.

The cookies:
100g butter or margarine
75g sugar
1 egg
Few drops of vanilla essence (alternative: almond essence)
150g self-raising flour

For coating:
Rolled oats
2 glacé cherries, chopped into diamonds

How to:
Cream together the butter (or margarine) and sugar: the easiest way to do so is by cutting the butter into smaller cubes, as it can be more difficult to work if it's hard.
Beat in the egg until the consistency is suitably smooth, and then stir in a few drops of vanilla essence.
Mix in the flour until you have a smooth mixture.
Pour a generous amount of oats onto a plate and, after rolling the cookie mixture into approximately sixteen small balls, gently roll each cookie-ball in the oats, coating the outside of each evenly.
Get a baking tray and line with grease-proof paper. When placing the cookie-balls on the tray, space them out with medium-large gaps between each, as they will - as the name suggests - melt into surprisingly large cookies!
Place a little cherry triangle on each.
Place in the oven, at 180 degree Celsius, for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes; if you have preheated your oven for roughly five to ten minutes, the cookies will most probably be ready in fifteen.

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