First week of May

Coffee cafés, Romantic poetry, Brassica napus fields and life in the countryside, here's my first week of May...
By the farm at sunset - all the lambs have moved to the neighbouring field as lambing season has come to a close: we do miss their adorable gambols!
A morning in Esquires coffee shop, reading through the works of Shelley and Byron, and jotting down some notes to reread before my final undergraduate exam
Overlooking Durham city, with Durham castle right overhead
After a number of days of glorious sunshine revision has had to take a backseat - this gorgeous weather should be optimised! So whilst I may not have been doing lots of scholarly reading recently, my Romantic poetry and French Revolutionary books looked too magnificent under our Malus tree not to capture the moment of summer idyll!
Fairy dresses and golden fields at sunset... a wonderful start to May.

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