Amphora Aromatics' Student Survival Kit

Freshers week is upon us! The start of a new academic year is always hectic, comprising of rushing here and there, recouping with your acquaintances and celebrating a glittering new year of opportunities. Once the initial chaos has died down and you re-submerge into the chilly silver and gold days of autumn, it's beneficial to take extra care of yourself and indulge in both a little maintenance and pampering. The sumptuous Amphora Aromatics have just the little check-list to help you maintain your healthy glow in a fast-paced lifestyle.
To stay refreshed whilst simultaneously providing your skin with a daily boost of antiseptic ingredients, Amphora Aromatics' Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Lotion is a calming and soothing lotion for irritated skin. The Lavender and Tea Tree work to hydrate, restore and heal, making it a wonderful choice for acne-prone skin, whilst also being vegan-friendly.
To stay deodorised the natural way Amphora Aromatics' Grapefruit & Cedarwood Deodorant uses the pure essential oils of Cedarwood and Thyme to help balance your skin's oils, whilst the zesty Grapefruit encourages the expulsion of toxins.
For must-have luxury pamper nights, Amphora Aromatics’ Fresh Feet Lotion will help heal the sins of endlessly traipsing around gigantic libraries and running around club to club! The invigorating mix of Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils is an instant pick-me-up to refresh tired toes, and works as a naturally antiseptic and antifungal deodorant.
These pick-me-ups are perfect for stormy post-lecture evenings or candle-lit nights in, so make sure you take care of yourself this academic year! What are your go-to skincare products for university life? Feel free to comment below or connect with Amphora Aromatics or myself - speak soon!

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