Dream Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Sometimes you get one of those fabulous Epiphany moments after umming and aahing with a quandary, and I love an Epiphany moment. When it comes to holidays such as Mother's Day, which so happens to be this Sunday, your sweet intentions can be difficult to manifest - either you live far away from the good-for-gifting shops, you don't have a penchant for making your own artistic creations of gratitude, or you out-did yourself at Christmas time...

Regardless, gift-giving is thoughtful, generous and rewarding. It expresses your l.o.v.e, and making your loved one feel tippity top makes you feel tippity top too. It's a win-win. I took one evening to collage some dreamy items together as gift ideas for you to utilise during the holiday, or to store in the gift-bank for later.

Little Box of Rocks
I found a gorgeous company called LBOR when browsing Anthropologie's UK website, and they make gemstone boxes - this one is especially for Mothers, and it contains Desert Rose, Rose Quartz, Moonstone and Clear Quartz as representatives of healing Lotus energy. Gems for your gem seems exceptionally fitting. You can find this Mother's Day special on their US website, or you can get a box containing Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Pyrite and Clear Quartz from Anthropologie UK.

Zodiac Jewelled Velvet Pouch

I am not sponsored by Anthropologie, I am simply a big fan of their unique items of pastel loveliness, such as these metallic velvet coin pouches! They are decorated with faux pearls and rhinestones in the shape of each zodiac. Gorgeous, unique, and currently in the sale.


Brunch and afternoon tea are The Classics for holidays like Mother's Day - spend time with your loved one as you both nom your way through plates of tastiness. There are hundreds-if-not-thousands of Instagramable brunch locations dotted all around the country: they are only a wander away. 

(Pictured: Leonard's Coffee House, Durham)

Fancy homeware

My final thoughts for Mother's Day gifts settled in the homeware department: the kitchen is where the heart is, and these Helena cheese knives would just look so good in any kitchen. Fun and floral, they will add a youthful je ne sais quoi to your evening cheeseboard. They can be found here.

What are your fave Mother's Day ideas? Leave any suggestions in the comments below x

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