Spring style: Tie-front tops

Oooh Spring style has arrived! Admittedly, the tops I'm bringing with me into Spring have been with me from the end of Winter and (let's be honest) intend to continue their journey during the Summer.

My absolute favourite tops come in either the form of polo necks or cowboy shirts, and for some fabby reason the two have come together and are united by one groovy feature: a tie-front. (Not only are they gorgey porgey, they have tip-top potential for being used in fun faux-lassoing).

They are so versatile and perfect when paired with almost any type of trouser (including, as you will see, furry pyjama pants), that I just had to give them a full blog post of their own.

Mottled baby blue denimesque fabric for a touch of Blues Brothersy 'Rawhide', and worn slightly unbuttoned for the casual cowgirl look.

The pastel shade and pearly little buttons on this Hollister shirt give it a cool feminine aura. Perfect with high-waisted white jeans, leggings, or (as pictured) starry jim-jams.

...And a second cowboy essential from Hollister: a navy and teal oversized flannel. The fabric is thick enough to make it toasty in Winter, but loose enough to make it breathable in Spring.

Ideally worn with dark jeans or fitted black leggings in Winter, or jean-shorts in the Summer.

And for when you're feeling all Western but fancy a touch of Eastern je ne sais quoi, this Boohoo satiny polo neck in an icy baby pink is the dreamiest wrap-front you could possibly find.

It feels as silky and sumptuous as it looks.

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