Ciao Italy! A summer stay in Sant'Agnello, Sorrento

Ciao Italia! Come stai? Sei bellissima.

Summertime is so gorgeously warm and bright, making it an amazing time to travel around and see the world. Having never been to Italy before, and being aware that my upcoming months are going to be jam-packed with lots of types of work, I knew that this summer I wanted to visit Italy.

If you have never visited Italy before but are thinking about heading there, you are in for a true Mediterranean treat. If you have visited Italy before, it's undoubtable that you'll be planning your next trip back.

For my Italian journey, I was headed to Napoli airport after a wonderfully speedy flight from England, and then I was whisked away into the night in a Syrenbus to Sant'Agnello, Sorrento (the word 'Sorrento' translating to 'Land of mermaids').

Our gorgeous hotel was the Majestic Palace. We were greeted with a small late dinner of tomatoes and mozzarella, and a beautiful berry tart, and we went for a short wander to stretch our legs - although we quickly headed to our gorgeous room to watch and listen to the thunderstorm from a safer distance!

We woke up in the best of moods - because this was the view from our room.

After our continental breakfasts, we decided that Day Numero Uno in Italy should be spent exploring nearby Sorrento town, so we donned some cool outfits and headed out.

There are two routes from Sant'Agnello into Sorrento - a large street with wider roads, shops and more traffic, or a still-quite-hectic road, with a bit less traffic and some picturesque hotels. Having never done either before, we fortuitously picked the slightly less busy route, and saw an array of delectably Wes Andersonesque buildings, and even a super suave Alpha Romeo.

The owner happened to be walking in our direction, and he offered us to play around with it!

Sorrento town itself, which opens from Sant'Agnello in a large square, is jam-packed with shops. Limoncello and dried pasta for as far as the eye can see!

As well as making exceptional gelati...

(This one was the best cherry ice cream ever)

We popped back to Sorrento a few times throughout our week in Sant'Agnello, spending the other days exploring the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii!

And back at the hotel they had two fantastic bars, including Dry Martini Sorrento, the only Dry Martini bar in Italy. Their passion fruit mocktail was gorgeous.

We had a delectable dinner each evening, including some beautiful sea bass and an excellent array of soups.

Have you ever visited Italy?

I for one cannot wait to go back!

P.S. You can watch my Sant'Agnello vlog here!

...And this post is not sponsored, and all opinions, photos and words are my own xx

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