Pizza Sapphire autentico vegetariano ricetta: Vegetarian dinner recipe

In the wake of returning to England from Sant'Agnello, I am maintaining the Italiano essence by making an autentico pizza, of the vegetariano variety.

The use of molto vegetables put a little spin on the classic margherita.

If you have somewhere warm to let the dough rise and a spare ten minutes to chop some vegetables, making a buono pizza is doable whether you're in the middle of your university studies, or coming home in the evening after a long day in the city.

All you will need for the base is:
Plain flour - 500g (plus extra for dusting after it's risen)
Yeast - 1 sachet (7g fast action yeast)
Olive oil - 1 tablespoon
Water - 325ml, warm
Salt - a light sprinkling


Put the flour in a mixing bowl. Add in the yeast.

Pour the water and olive oil over the mixture and give it a little stir. Add the salt and knead on a clean surface until soft and smooth.

Leave it to prove for two-to-four hours (depending on how warm your special proving area is).

That post-prove rise...

Roll or knead (more authentico) your dough and place the base onto an oiled pizza tray. I did mine rustico, without the aid of a rolling pin… (if you are going under the guise of 'authentico', rolling pins are optional)

Toppings are, of course, optional and your personal touch is what will make your pizza authentico to you. My pizza is vegetarian so on this spicy occasion my toppings of choice are:
Tomato purée (essential really, and goes on once you've rolled your proven dough)
Spicy sauce
Tomatoes (as many varieties as possible for an exotic boujee touch)
A ball of Mozzarella (and some grated cheddar if you want it less authentico)
Black olives

Add your toppings as artistically as possible. I started with half-moons of onions, before adding some grated cheese and veggies...

Then I added mozzarella to finish it in classic Italian style.

Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, or until golden brown.

Buon appetito!

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