University bathroom essentials checklist

Perhaps like me you are moving into your own space for the first time and you're going to have an en suite or bathroom of your own (which is probably how you found yourself reading this article on my blog) - therefore you may be wondering what exactly you should be bringing with you.

I've got you covered.

I have been buying all of my bathroom essentials recently and luckily there aren't too many things you need in order to optimise your bathroom!

My favourite bathroom purchases

There are some essentials, and so I've made this free checklist (downloadable and printable here), as well as this vlog so that you can tick off each item as you get them.

You can find me on my other socials, or ask me your uni questions in the comment sections of my YouTube vids.

Without further ado:

University bathroom essentials:
Two body towels
Two face towels
Bath mat
Hand wash
Teeth essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss)
Toothbrush holder
Face essentials (face wash, cleanser, creams, masks)
Cotton wool
Body essentials (body wash, scrubs, creams)
Clippers/ tweezers/ razors and shaving foam
Toilet roll (just in case none is provided)
Wash bag

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