University kitchen essentials checklist

Here is your perfect university kitchen checklist...

In about one month I'm going to be heading south and moving into my new university accomodation - if you are in the boat then congratulations! You are about to embark on one of the most fun and fast-paced adventures of your life so far.

I'm going to be self-catering, although I do have the option of dining in my college as and when, but it might be economically and spiritually expedient to spend some of my time preparing and making my own dishes.

So this is my kitchen essentials checklist - feel free to print my free download, and you can watch my full (but very speedy - we are busy people who don't need to be watching vids over 15 minutes!) haul here.

Check out my other socials for my uni updates, and feel free to message me in my YouTube comments with your uni questions.

Kitchen essentials
Cutlery (2x forks, 2x knives, 2x soup spoons, 2x dessert spoons, teaspoon, one sharp knife)
Spatula, tongs, large spoon with drainage
Peeler and grater
Flat plates and a pasta bowl
A breakfast bowl
Two non-stick pans
A wok
A baking tray
Greaseproof paper / tin foil / cling film
Sandwich bags
Chopping board
Measuring jug
Tupperware boxes
Tea towel
Kitchen roll
Sponge and washing-up gloves
Washing-up soap
*Optional: bottle opener/ corkscrew; tin-opener; waffle-maker (if you have one, why not take it)*

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