10 things to do at home: Indoors inspiration

The whole world is staying at home - something which is really exceptionally incredible. And whilst all of our time is now spent in our homes it is more important than ever to make sure that we are living in absolute sanctuaries, places wherein we can feel both exhilarated and at peace. So, as someone who hasn't left their home in over a month now, here are my top ten things to do at home if you're bored or in need of new inspiration...


Baking is one of my favourite things. I love to organise all of the sumptuous ingredients, weigh them out and combine them into an exceptionally satisfactory smooth mixture. It makes the whole house smell incredible, and then you have a gorgeous treat as the end result - and if you make something extra large, that treat can last for days! What could be better?

My most recent bake was a selection of love-heart scones and just before that I made lemon drizzle cupcakes. The whole list of my recent bakes is available here.


Along the same lines as baking, cooking is another one of my favourite classic past-times. Becoming a more active cook - rather than being a passive cook - means that you pay more attention to the ingredients and the process, making the action of cooking more therapeutic and the end meal more enjoyable. Especially if you are more rationed than usual due to the global quarantine, now is a good time to be a mindful chef and make the most of what you've got.

Some of my 'cupboard cooking' specials - including cheese and onion pasties and some speedy vegetarian meals - can be found on my food page.

Dress up

I love to dress up and - in case you shudder and shy away from the thought of frivolity - I definitely don't think that this should be a gendered activity. Dressing up doesn't have to involve unusually coloured wigs and fancy clothes (although, frankly, that sounds like my kind of party) - it can also mean slipping into your favourite suit, trying on your most jewel-encrusted piece of jewellery, or putting together an outfit you have not (yet) had the confidence to wear outdoors. It can be a totally private endeavour, but sharing it with your closest contacts can be fun too. Plus, if you are looking for some new creative outlets, a fancy dress photoshoot provides hours of fun.

Organise an indoor picnic

If you can't go outdoors, bring the outdoors indoors - especially is it involves delicious food. Midnight picnics are wonderfully fun. As picnics involve trying lots of little portions of different delights, they allow you to eat all of your favourite foods at the same time (without overgorging, and therefore leaving enough in your pantry for another meal). What a treat.

Movie night

And what better time to have an indoors picnic than in front of a fabulous movie! If you have been busy during the day (or even if you haven't) you deserve to unwind in the evening in front of an epic movie, which will raise your spirits and open your mind before the new day dawns. You can share your favourite movie recommendations in the comments down below!

Manicure and pedicure

Nail maintenance is something I always stay on top of. I like to keep everything trimmed, filed and tidy. Conversely I hardly ever paint my nails (I love to be au natural) but right now, when we have many hours indoors, seems like a good time to experiment with changing their colours over the coming weeks. Some excellent nail polishes are featured here.

Tend to your plants

If you have indoors plants (or a garden in the grounds of your home) make sure you keep them hydrated, and that they have enough sunlight each day. Caring for other living things is a privilege and watching them grow is magical!

Throw an English afternoon tea party

This I cannot wait to do. Delectable sandwiches? Check. An array of sweet treats? Check. Unlimited tea? Check. Making your own afternoon tea is a great way to spruce up what could otherwise be a mundane meal itinerary. Add some colour and enjoy!


Keep your body moving! Although the UK government stated that citizens may exercise outdoors once per day if they absolutely must, staying indoors is the only way to be sure that you are not harming the National Health Service or yourself. Therefore, at home exercises - such as a HIIT routine on YouTube or doing laps around your living room - are the perfect solution and the help videos online are endless!


One of the world's greatest forms of escapism, particularly necessary in a time of mild stagnation and confusion. Pick up the book you bought and never read and give it a whirl. If you're a few chapters in and don't like it, put it down and go back to your old reliable. Take time to unwind and enjoy the solitude that you can share with a hot drink and a good book.

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