2020 fashion trends that you already own in your wardrobe

Sheer tops
Sheer clothing is having a moment in 2020. Dotted with embroidery or one block translucent colour, sheer items stand out. A simple Google search for 'sheer tops' will give you a huge shopping list full of companies selling sheer clothes right now but, if you go on a little wardrobe rummage, you might find some classic sheer pieces of your own. I recently discovered this vintage translucent white sheer shirt at home and I absolutely love it.
Here are my other favourite sheer pieces on the web right now!

If you're a '70s baby, a '90s baby, or just really into bright colours there is a chance that you have something tie-dyed in your wardrobe - and, if not, there are lots of ways to create your own tie-dye piece (including with natural dyes), or you can have an online browse at the huge tie-dye market. I found a blue and white tie-dye scarf in my wardrobe which could easily be worn as a wrap-top, as well as having a t-shirt which I tie-dyed myself at home!

Vintage clothing is always in style - not only because classic pieces are timeless, but because they're sustainable too. I love wearing vintage clothing like the sheer shirt above, particularly when it comes to tops and coats. Their fit is usually super flattering due to their typically oversized shape (and oversized clothing is definitely a big trend right now); plus I love pieces that could belong to any period.

Iconic branding
I'm going to say that about 1.5% of my wardrobe is 'heavily' branded, one piece being a Burberry skirt with the classic Burberry check print, and another being a Dior cap emblazoned with the iconic Dior oblique canvas. I love clothing that is subtle but now is the perfect time to experiment with more overt designs. Dig deep in your wardrobe and give your most daringly designed item a spin. My favourite over the top print right now is Dior's, including their saddle bag and pouch as listed on their website.

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