July DIY: Crafts, sustainable fashion + food

July has been full of DIY (and it isn't even the very end of the month yet!) so I thought I would compile all of the fabulous things I have done and made into one blog post for an instant hit of productivity and inspiration.

My July DIY accomplishments can be distinguished in the categories of academic, style, and (of course, like many of my most popular posts) recipes. Make sure to put your July accomplishments in the comments below, or by getting in touch over on Instagram!


My biggest achievement this month is undeniably finishing writing my postgraduate dissertation! Unlike an undergraduate degree wherein you already usually know your supervisor and thesis topic before the year has begun, with a postgraduate dissertation this isn't the case (at least, that isn't how it was for me). The process of going from writing summative essays to deciding my thesis theme, planning, drafting, writing, and editing my whole dissertation was exceptionally quick - probably even more so because of the academic year being cut short due to the pandemic. And, because of that, I am all the more proud to have completed my final piece of academic writing at Cambridge University - my pièce de résistance :)

I also finished reading Frankenstein, The Jungle Book, and Dracula this month - what have been your July reads?


Like hopefully many people in the world right now I am becoming more and more aware of the effects of the fashion industry on the planet. I intend to live as sustainably and environmentally-friendly as possible, which means no buying unnecessary items from companies whose ethic beliefs do not align with mine. When I do need new things I would love to upcycle clothes, thrift, clothes-swap, or shop locally or from slow-fashion (minimum item) brands. This won't necessarily be entirely possible for everyone at all times, but little steps add up to make big change. I don't buy many new clothes per year - let's say between 1-10 new pieces - so I don't need to be hard on myself, but I wanted to share my opinions with you all :)

So in the vain of reusing and upcycling, as well as being SuPeR tReNdY (!!!) I spent a couple of afternoons having lots of fun tie-dying! (And yes, you can even be sustainable with your choice of dyes!) My first tie-dye creation is a gorgeous pastel blue and green swirl top, which you can see over on my TikTok and Instagram stories.


If you have visited my blog before you will know how much I love to bake! You can find endless recipes in my food tag. However, I don't usually post cooking or dinner recipes, with the exception being some that I shared whilst I was living in Cambridge. So it was so much fun to type up my first dinner recipe in such a long time last week! As you may have seen, I decided to make ratatouille nicoise, only it was an extra special version as I made it as it is in the movie Ratatouille! On the adorable scale from 1 to 10, this meal is definitely at 11. To check out the recipe, click here.

I also made my own oven-roasted pasta dressing for the first time, comprising of vine tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and garlic. It was so good that I haven't eaten shop-bought tomato sauce since!

What have been your favourite July creations, and how mind-boggling is it that we are almost in August? See you in my next post!

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