Christmas skincare gift sets for him & her, with Funderm

One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones this Christmas is the gift of healthy glowing skin! We all know that we need to be healthy on the inside, but we also need to be healthy on the outside. It is an act of self-care to maintain your skin's balance, moisture, and purity.

And Funderm, a bio-tech treatment made to aid beautiful skin, has a range of fabulous gift-sets perfect for the festive season! The range includes sets to detoxify, unify, revitalise, and rid of blemishes, all shoppable on their website.

Their pimple-buster trio is formulated to treat blemishes from the inside and out, due to the combination of supplements and external treatments, soothing skin, and preventing future breakouts. The products balance the skin's micro-bacteria and maintain vitality.

The pimple-buster programme contains the LAVI DAVI gummies, WAS BAD gel treatment, and NO DRAMA red clay face mask. The gummies are nutri-cosmetic supplements, made to keep skin fresh and beautiful. Each jar, containing 60 gummies, is formulated to boost hydration, cool inflammation, unify the skin-tone, balance micro-bacteria, improve elasticity, and reduce fine lines. They can be consumed twice a day and they aim to keep your skin as clear and youthful as can be!

The WAS BAD invisible anti-pimple gel is the perfect way to gently care for pimple-prone skin. Its 4-in-1 benefits include preventing breakouts, treating blemished areas, purifying pores, and soothing irritated skin. The gel is invisible, benefiting those who want to wear it during the day, and it is formulated in a way to heal blemishes whilst not drying out the surrounding skin.

The NO DRAMA red clay mask is a natural treatment to balance the skin's micro-bacteria. Five minutes after application the creamy red clay mask will have worked to purify your skin - including areas with breakouts - brighten dark spots, and maintain skin elasticity. Containing clinically proven active ingredients, the NO DRAMA mask is the perfect way to soothe your skin whilst unwinding into the festive season.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or a loved one, Funderm's cruelty-free skincare is a fabulous Christmas treat, aiming to help you step into the New Year revitalised and ready to go!

Which item is your favourite? You can find more of Funderm's products on their website, and you can read all about them on their social pages too!

You can let me know which Funderm item you intend to try first by messaging me over on Instagram or the comments below!

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