The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.'s luxurious Christmas gift box

There is nothing more exciting at Christmas-time than finding an extra special gift box wrapped up for you under the tree. If you are shopping for a lover of natural skincare, or for someone who deserves a decadent dose of TLC, The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co. has the perfect box for you!

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co. is known for their sustainable and soothing luxury skincare, made in their studio in Scotland using only natural and pure ingredients. Whether you are drawn to the rosy scents in the Symmetry essential oil range, or if you know a little someone who would love the soft and gentle Baby I Love You Balms, The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co. has the perfect festive gift boxes for everyone.

The deluxe Symmetry Gift Box typifies The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.'s ethos of providing sumptuous essential oil blends that are luxurious and sustainable. Inside the magical manger of skincare goodness you will find the nourishing Symmetry Face Serum, Face Cream, Solid Hand Cream Bar, and Solid Perfume.

Symmetry Face Serum

The super nourishing Symmetry Face Serum is the natural way to replenish and revitalise your skin after cleansing. Like all of the items in the Symmetry range, the Face Serum combines a sumptuous concoction of soothing ingredients, including rose geranium oil, jasmine, and bay laurel. The natural ingredients combine to balance the skin's natural oil production, prevent inflammation, and aid the maintenance of beautifully soothed skin. It is a delight to use on an evening, and it is the perfect base to the Symmetry Face Cream.

Symmetry Face Cream

The Symmetry Anti-Ageing Face Cream combines the same wonderful selection of essential oils as the Serum, with virgin organic unrefined Shea Butter, Coconut oil, and Pure Beeswax for a richly aromatic and deeply moisturising effect. The incredible natural ingredients, such as Pure Beeswax, create skin-protecting barriers, aiding the protection, rejuvenation, and nourishment of the skin. The Symmetry Cream also blends walnut oil, blackcurrant seed oil, and virgin organic hemp oil to treat dryness, wrinkles, and soothe inflammation.

Symmetry Solid Hand Cream Bar

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.'s latest addition to their amazing sustainable solid hand cream selection is the Symmetry Solid Hand Cream Bar - and it is one of the gorgeous gifts in the deluxe Symmetry Gift Box! The brand new Solid Hand Cream Bar is every rose-lover's dream cream. It has healing ingredients blended into the bar to create an especially anti-inflammatory and moisturising solid hand cream. As the cherry on the cake it is all packaged up in a sustainable plastic-free reusable tin container.

Symmetry Solid Perfume

The Symmetry Gift Box will welcome its lucky recipient to the world of sustainable solid perfumes, with its super-rosy Symmetry Solid Perfume. Packaged in a gorgeously mottled pot - the perfect size for popping in your bag - the 100% natural vegan perfume is a game-changer. Say goodbye to chemicals and hello to skin-friendly (and planet-friendly) perfume. To use, simply rub your finger onto the solid cream and dab to the desired areas.

You can read even more about the Symmetry Gift Box on The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.'s website!

Which product is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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