Summer curls routine & curly hair care tips

As the beautiful summer weather approaches, keeping your curls nourished and hydrated with a TLC-rich hair care routine is of paramount importance! The combination of sunshine and a summer breeze can fry and frizzify delicate curls, but thankfully the curly hair specialists at Only Curls have created a brilliant three-step hair care routine to maintain defined and voluminous curls!

For more curly hair tips (featuring the deliciously coconuty Only Curls Co-Wash) check out my curly hair wash day routine video and my previous beauty blog post!

Shampoo: All Curl Cleanser

The All Curl Cleanser is a gentle foaming shampoo specialised for curly hair. Using a delectable blend of avocado oil, kukui oil and aloe, the All Curl Cleanser naturally hydrates curls whilst simultaneously cleaning your scalp without stripping the hair of its natural oils. This Only Curls shampoo is the perfect way to start your superbly sumptuous curly hair wash and nourish routine!

Conditioner: All Curl Conditioner

Every curly girl and guy knows the importance of conditioner. Our curls need abundant nourishment to maintain their defined kinks and coils, to prevent frizz, and to feel luxuriously soft. Only Curls's All Curl Conditioner combines avocado, coconut, jojoba, kukui and argon oil to create the Queen of all hair priming conditioners. For optimum shine and definition gently rub the All Curl Conditioner from the bottom of your curls to the top, detangling as you go, and leave it on your curls for five to ten minutes, depending on how much moisturising your curls need. When its job is done, rinse the conditioner out of your hair and feel the silky smooth results!

Post-Wash: Hydrating Curl Creme & Enhancing Curl Gel

The key to maintaining optimum curl health post-wash is to use leave-in serums, creams and gels, and Only Curls have covered all of the bases! For a soft and gently bouncing curl the Hydrating Curl Creme is the perfect choice. Full of shea butter and marula oil, the Curl Creme is naturally hydrating, working to replenish moisture without weighing your curls down, ultimately allowing an amazing volumised finish. For a structured and defined popping curl the Enhancing Curl Gel will be your new best friend. The Gel holds curls without stickiness or crunchiness and it smells like a tropical paradise! Use them together or individually - either way, your curls are going to look, smell and feel divine!

Which part of your curly wash day routine is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below or on my social pages!

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