Photo diary: Second week of May 2021 in photos

I am so happy that my readers love my photo diaries, so I am making another one this week! Last year I made a lot of weekly photo diaries, and I think that I am going to continue the tradition from now! So here is my second week of May 2021 in photos...

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Harry Potter inspired jewellery at Silkie

I am so excited to show you my shop's latest jewellery collection! My newest pieces are Harry Potter inspired, so if you love the Harry Potter universe you will love these pieces. My most recent handmade pieces include the Gold Plated Origami Crane necklace (inspired by Draco Malfoy), the Pink Enamel Happee Birthdae Harry cake necklace, and the Tibetan Silver Deathly Hallows bookmark wand. You can also find Slytherin and Ravenclaw chokers on my shop!

There are so many more Harry Potter inspired pieces to come! You can favourite my shop and follow my Instagram to stay updated!

Blossom season in the UK

These blossom photos speak for themselves!

Early birthday mail

My birthday is on May the 26th and I received my first birthday mail this week! It was a beautiful paper cut-out card, and I also received a Lee Kow Fong bag, depicting Singapore. How sweet!

She received her birthday card from me too! May babies united!

How has your second week of May been? I hope that you are having a lovely month so far ♡

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