The first outing of 2021: Photo diary

I had not been out in the real world since March 2020. As it is now July 2021, that means that I was out of society for almost a year and a half. I had not visited a single shop, restaurant, or any such place. The Internet worked its wonders and my household was able to do everything online and remotely. For all of the criticism that the WWW gets, it can also be a brilliant tool, and vitally necessary in these times of crises, so for that I am very grateful indeed.

Anyway, I digress. Today was my first trip into the Outside for almost one and a half years. For some reason, that sounds even scarier the second time around.

We did minimalistic food shopping (which felt unreal and amazing) and then we went deeper into the countryside to go on our first extended walk in, let's say, 486 days.

Scariness of the past year aside, here are the photos that I took, which are each full of loveliness and hope ♡

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