Winter Skincare Essentials: Day & Night Cream Products

It's the cosiest time of the year! And now is definitely the time for the seasonal skincare re-jig.

During the spring and summer months it's typical to use lightweight formulas and tropical scents, but in the chilly post-Christmas season our skin needs that extra ounce of luxurious moisturisation, hydration, and rejuvenation.

So here are some of the best winter skincare essentials, full of the healthiest ingredients, and proven to provide the sumptuous TLC that our skin so deserves ♡

COSRX Comfort Ceramide Cream

Having used COSRX's innovative skincare in the past I am so excited to introduce a new COSRX product to The Sapphire Diaries! Previously, I loved using COSRX because the formulas are gentle yet effective, with their washes and hydrating gels being both lightweight and super cleansing. Now, I am very happy to introduce a new product which will undoubtedly become your everyday winter go-to: the Comfort Ceramide Cream.

COSRX's Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream is a fabulous facial moisturiser, which has been made to soothe the skin, whilst protecting the skin's barrier from harmful external pollutants. Like COSRX's other brilliant skincare favourites, the Comfort Ceramide Cream calms skin in a lightweight way, whilst simultaneously strengthening it, without ever feeling overtly oily or clogged. The Comfort Ceramide Cream can also be applied to bodily dry-spots for extra intensive moisturisation and, as the cherry on top of the cake, the minimalist white and pink packaging could not be cuter!

What makes the Comfort Ceramide Cream extra special?

RX. Ceramide: Ceramide NP strengthens broken skin barriers and regenerates sensitive and damaged skin, thus your skin will feel comfortable and healthy inside and out
Medical grade centella Asiatica: These premium ingredients recover the skin's natural balance and improve skin elasticity
EWG Green Grade: All of the ingredients in the Comfort Ceramide Cream are EWG Green grade, meaning that all people can happily use the cream without worrying about harmful ingredients!

Embryollise Hydra-Mask

Embryollise is one of my favourite companies due to their globally-renowned, highly effective, and divinely scented skincare products! I have previously loved using their Hydra Serum and Hydra Cream, so I am delighted to now try their Hydra Mask.

Embryollise's cream mask bathes the skin in super moisturising and regenerating active ingredients that keep it happy, healthy, and wonderfully plump. The Hydra Mask smooths and protects the skin using a cocktail of beautiful ingredients including Hyaluronic acid, sesame & sweet almond oils, and Vitamins A, E and F.

The Hydra Mask will make you feel soft and look radiant.

SOS H20 Day Cream SPF 30

It is known that SPF should be worn every day, and yet it is an action that is often neglected during these wintery months. But when the bright January rays start streaming through the snow-laden clouds, your skin will be most thankful that you chose to apply your SOS SPF 30 Day Cream!

I love SOS's non-greasy formulas, and their silky creams are built for rapid skin absorption. Their ingredients include active plant stem cells to stimulate new skin cell production and to improve your skin's elasticity, all whilst working to protect your skin from the sun's bright rays.

SOS's Day Cream SPF 30 is cruelty free, plant-based, vegan, and made in the UK.

Which of these luxurious creams is your winter go-to, or are you more of a mix-and-match kind of skincare lover?

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