Things to do in Barnard Castle: The Bowes Museum

As Friday's weather prediction was sunshine all day I knew that for my first Spring-like outing I wanted to head to Barnard Castle.

Like many quaint English towns, Barnard Castle is full of beautiful stone-built homes, a glittering river, and even one of the North East's most famous fish & chip shops! Yet what makes Barnard Castle extra special and unique is the stunning French chateaux which stands proudly behind a gilded gate, amidst luscious green grounds. The former home of Joséphine and John Bowes, it is now known as the famous Bowes Museum.

In keeping with the opulence of the surroundings, I decided that our visit to the Bowes Museum would also be the first outing for my gorgeous new baroque puffer jacket! I am absolutely in love with it and I can't wait to wear it on many more occasions 💗 I paired it with a minimalist all-black outfit: black leggings, black top, black bag - and I alternated between black boots and my new black & lilac Puma trainers.

You can browse & shop the pieces that I wore on my 21buttons!

Inside we were greeted with a glistening crystal chandelier and an ornate black staircase, leading to the museum's different galleries and exhibitions.

Currently the Bowes Museum is hosting the Regeneration exhibition, and it is running until April 25th 2022.

Alongside the exhibition there are glass casements which show fashion pieces through the ages, as well as immaculately well-kept home décor and kitchenware.

There are also three gallery rooms - one peach, one lime green, and one blue - which host an array of incredible paintings, from rural landscapes to religious stories.

Other wonderful pieces which you can find include an animatronic mouse (which I adore), smooth human statues (an example of which you can see in my above photo!), and the famous Silver Swan.

After browsing through the galleries we walked into Barnard Castle town and sat down in the sunshine to enjoy a portion of chips, before another little meander by the shops.

Have you ever visited Barnard Castle or the Bowes Museum?

You can see the Bowes through my eyes in my latest YouTube Shorts video!

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