Visit Ljubljana: Top things to do in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia

Derivative from the Slovenian word ljubljena, or beloved, Ljubljana has romance in its name. It is believed that Slovenia’s capital is the hidden gem of Europe, nestled in the heart of the continent, both close enough in-land to maintain a traditional and chic city feel, whilst combining a relaxed Mediterranean vibe in the summer months due to its proximity to the Adriatic Sea. Ljubljana’s array of inspiring architectural creations – from its picturesque bridges to its stunning cathedral – fill the city’s every corner, and its lush green spaces add to its natural romantic feel.

With springtime on the horizon, the desire to explore Europe’s most delightful offerings is immense, thus I couldn’t help but concoct a Ljubljana Wish List for 2018 …
Like all quaint European and Mediterranean gems, Ljubljana hosts a splendidly pastoral Central Market, brimming with blossoming flowers, tropical fruits and other rustic and tasty treats. Following the curve of Ljubljana’s river, every Wednesday one can explore an organic market, filled with the finest goods produced in lush Slovenian farms.
The Church of St Nicholas is too exquisite to miss when exploring Ljubljana. Its simple and sweet exterior, glowing gold in the late afternoon sun, does not boast its breath-taking interior; instead, visitors will be stunned when they find the artistry inside, and all will feel as though you’ve just stepped into a  magnificent life-size baroque painting...
Ljubljana is known for its phenomenal array of famous bridges, from the mesarski (or butchers’) love bridge – whereupon countless couples have padlocked their love, before dropping the keys into the Ljubljanica river, to the dramatically pillared Cobblers’ Bridge, all hosting fabulous views of the river beneath and city around.

Is there anything more dreamy than taking a mid-day boat journey across the Ljubljanica during the spring and summer months? The tourist boat named Ljubljana is the perfect way to unwind and take in the vivid scenery which encompasses the city.
Visiting Ljubljana means that you have the opportunity to visit a whole host of other exciting excursions, including a stunning selection of Slovenia’s most wonderful sights such as the enchanting Bled, wherein a stunning fairytale castle rests upon the blissfully serene lake. There is even the opportunity to uncover why Ljubljana is named the ‘city of vine and wine’; with its situation at the cross-roads of the Mediterranean, Karst, Alps and Pannonian Basin regions, Ljubljana is a flourishing wine land, a secret which its lucky visitors hold close to their hearts.
Tivoli Park is the largest park in Ljubljana – known for its vibrant green land, it is no surprise that Ljubljana was the European Green Capital in 2016. Especially fantastic for 2018, visitors in the area can discover the treasures of Kamnik and the University Botanic Gardens in a gigantic outdoor photographic exhibition, and bask in the rich beauty and history of Kamnik.

Will you be exploring Ljubljana in 2018? Let me know! In the meantime, happy spring x

All photos are edited by Sapphire Demirsöz. All originals are provided by Flickr and Creative Commons users Pedro Szekely, Arian Zwegers, Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, Lars Plougmann and Lemsipmatt.

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