First half of October 2018 blog

In the spirit of my most recent post, I have decided to do another round-up in photos (this time, a round-up spanning from the start of October until today, Sunday 21st) to present a more vivid picture of life in Durham, but of course I'll intersperse it with some explanatory text when necessary!
 Durham in October is the commencement of Fresher's Week and all of the society socialising that comes with attending a university with such multifaceted interests - for me, the nights out began with Rotate at The Library bar, which was the best way to start the season.
October in Durham also saw the opening of Whitechurch, a new café which stands in the place of The New Inn (and previously The Scream bar), owned by the people behind Flat White Kitchen and Flate White Café (some of the biggest student fuel-stops) - our first visit so far consisted of lattes and Fleetwood Mac.
Quaint days were followed by First Aid classes, Italian baking and DJ sessions...
 Found myself at a rugby initiation ?!
In the mix before Thai food at Golden Pearl and my first bachata class...
More to come soon! Peace x

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