Easter Simnel Cake Recipe

I love a bit of tradition - it's conservative, quaint and a great way to structure those little free moments when you're at a loss. Hence the beginning of Easter fandango and my (fab) decision to whip up a simnel cake. This decision was also partially the result of mass baking of all things zesty and Mediterranean for mi papa's birthday, as well as the result of me just loving Christmas cake (who doesn't).

Traditionally, simnel cake (a fruit cake made at Easter, which is suspiciously similar to Christmas cake) is decorated with eleven marzipan balls to represent the eleven disciples - I have swapsied these for eleven (non-edible) Spring chicks, as yesterday was the Spring Equinox... and also because they are just so so cute.

This cake is sweet, fruity and boozy, with a surreally yummy caramelised bottom. Om nom nom.

150g golden sultanas
100g cranberries
100g glacé cherries
100ml brandy
175g plain flour
50g ground almonds
100g sugar
1 lemon zest
2 eggs
100g butter
Half a block of marzipan
11 little chicks

How to
1. Soak the berries and cherries in the brandy for as long as poss. before you decide to make your cake. (Most people soak them overnight - I soaked mine for a grand total of 3 hours).
2. Once the butter has softened a little bit at room temperature, mix the flour, almonds (I blitzed whole almonds rather than purchasing them pre-ground), sugar, lemon zest, eggs and butter into a yummy golden cakey paste.
3. Drain the fruit (pour the brandy in a glass for later because waste not want not) and stir in the little jewel-like berries (v Christmassy).
4. Line a cake tin with baking parchment and fill with the mix.

5. Bake for 2 hours approx. at 140 degrees C.

6. Flip the cake over (caramelised-bottom side up) and spread with apricot jam. (If you're boujee in a town-and-country sort of way, use homemade jam for extra fanciness).
7. Roll out half a block of marzipan until you have made a perfect circle, and pop it on top.

8. (optional) Round up eleven little chicks and perch them onto your smooth simnel nest.
Enjoy x


  1. This looks so perfect and delicious! I love the little chicks on the top, so cute!


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