The future of sustainability: 100% natural Solid Hand Cream Bars

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co. have created a wholly natural and sustainable range of solid hand cream bars, each of which combines its own therapeutic amalgamation of essential oils within a nourishing Cocoa Butter and Beeswax base, and with each bar sustainably packaged in a luxury lightweight tin, perfect to reuse or upcycle.

Their wonderful selection of solid hand cream fragrances include The Queen Bee, Luxury No 1Gardener's Hand Balm, Golden Rosewood, and their (soon-to-be-released!) famous Symmetry essential oil mixture, as well as their especially soothing and delicate four-ingredient combination in the Baby I Love You solid baby balm.

Each solid hand cream bar is handmade in Scotland, using 100% natural ingredients, and they are each embossed with the classic bee and honeycomb pattern as an homage to their nourishing beeswax base.

Golden Rosewood

The sumptuously fragranced Golden Rosewood bar blends its gentle combination of pure beeswax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter with the most delicious array of essential oils to create its gorgeous scent. Rosewood, mandarin, and basil oils - amongst a stunning array of many others - are used to prevent premature aging, brighten the skin, and alleviate insomnia and stress due to their natural healing properties and relaxation-inducing aromas. Its plush combination of herbs and spices make it the perfect cream to use during the seasonal transition from the summertime to crisper months, as it blends warm autumnal scents with the rich flavours associated with Christmas.

Gardener's Hand Balm

The soothing Gardener's Hand Balm provides the perfect balm protection for hard-working hands, emitting a healing herbal fragrance whose natural relaxation properties create instant calm. The coconut oil works to provide immediate hydration for hands needing nourishment, and the essential oil blend of lavender, bergamot, and ylang ylang aids relaxation and the ridding of bacteria.

Queen Bee Bar

The deliciously citrusy Queen Bee bar is formulated using only pure beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and their St Clement's essential oil blend, comprising of sweet orange, lemongrass, and lime oils. Whilst the concentration of cocoa butter provides powerful nourishment to the skin, the essential oils contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, therefore soothing and firming the skin's surface.

Luxury No 1

The richly aromatic Luxury No. 1 solid hand cream bar comprises of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and pure beeswax, alongside a concoction of the most delectable essential oils, from lavender and geranium to frankincense and myrrh. The beeswax provides a protecting barrier to the skin from environmental damage whilst also locking in moisture, and the cocoa butter is especially soothing to sensitive skin. The use of French Provincial Lavender massages antibacterial properties into the skin's surface, and the Rose Geranium essential oils help to fade scars and rejuvenate your complexion.

Baby I Love You Balm

One of the most delightful balms I have ever seen is the Baby I Love You solid baby balm. The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.'s baby balm makes the most perfect gift for any zen mama or eco papa who wants to nourish their new born with an entirely ethical and 100% natural balm product. Formulated by only using pure beeswax, organic hemp oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil the Baby I Love You balm provides instant absorption and long-lasting protection for the most sensitive skin requiring tender loving care.

Symmetry - coming soon!

Finally, the Symmetry bar is a brand new solid hand cream by The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co., perfumed with the most delectable fragrance, and it is soon to be released! Its combination of rose geranium, jasmine, rose oil and bay laurel make it every rose-lover's dream cream. The rich rose fragrance is as delicious as Turkish Delight, and its mixture of jasmine and bay laurel aid its herbal undertones. Its healing ingredients blend to create an especially anti-inflammatory and moisturising solid hand cream bar, all packaged up in a sustainable plastic-free reusable tin container.

How to use

To use the luxury hand cream bars gently glide the bar across your skin for an even coverage - they don't need too much pressure applied due to their luxuriously creamy consistency. Then massage the cream into your hands until all of the natural goodness has absorbed.

You can find out more about The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co. on their website, and you can connect with them on their social pages too!

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To find out more about their range of natural, luxurious, and sustainable products, you can read about their facial care and body products in my previous posts.

Now it's time for a little hand cream bar massage!

Can't wait to see you in the next post!

Love, Sapphire

P.s. The items in this post were kindly gifted, and all opinions are honest and my own.

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