The ultimate guide to Durham University

Fresher's week is just around the corner (literally, it's one week away!) and so I have decided to compile all of the resources that you will need for starting your Durham adventure.

If you're reading this post, it is likely that you came here from my YouTube channel (wherein I have just posted my 'Ultimate guide to Durham University' video) or from my Instagram - so hello! I hope that you find everything Durham-related that you are looking for and, of course, if there is anything else that you would like to know, send me a message via my YouTube or Instagram and I will get back to you :)


Hill colleges (ordered alphabetically):

Collingwood College

Grey College

Josephine Butler College

St Aidan's College

St Mary's College

Stephenson College

Trevelyan College

Van Mildert College

Bailey colleges (ordered alphabetically):

Hatfield College

St Chad's College

St Cuthbert's Society

St John's College

University College (Castle College)


College of St Hild & St Bede

John Snow College

South College


Each society hosts their own events, usually once per week - for a full list of every single society, click here

Large term-time events include:

Formals (each college hosts formals: you can attend any of your college's formals, and you can get tickets to other college's formals from your friends at those colleges)

College fashion shows and society fashion shows

Dance showcases

Sports matches (between colleges, and against different universities)

Palatinalps (ski trip)

Places of interest

Durham Cathedral (you will matriculate and graduate here)

Botanic Garden

Warton Park

FYI: Via train, Newcastle is 10 mins away, York is 1 hour away, and Edinburgh 1 hour 40 mins away


These are great places to study in if you don't want to work in your room, your college library, or the Bill Bryson Library (the big university library at the bottom of the Hill colleges hill) - this is a list of my personal favourites

Biz-R Coffee House



Flat White


Riverview Kitchen

The Marriott Hotel Starbucks


Whilst I was an undergrad I wrote an article for Palatinate about the cafes in Durham, which I have pasted onto my blog for you to read here


Firstly, each university college also has its own bar! Secondly, bars are great alternatives to clubs, as you don't have to order an alcoholic drink, and you can socially-distance from other groups. Some of my favourites - and some popular joints - are listed here:

Bar 33 (this is a 'secret' bar, wherein you have to get the key-code in advance)

Ebony Champagne Bar

Market Tavern

Old Tom's Gin Bar


The Bishop's Mill (Wetherspoons)

The Boat Club

The Court Inn

The Library

The Shakespeare

Tin of Sardines Gin Bar

Whisky River

As an undergrad I wrote an article for Palatinate about some fun bars in Durham, which you can read here!

What you need to take to uni

This is for if you are self-catered, or if you're living in non-college accomodation, for instance, in your second and third years

So here are some great spots to visit whilst you are a Durham student, and the uni essentials that you will need when you're living in your own accomodation (most probably in your second and third years)! I hope that you have a great year, and if you have any questions feel free to message me via my YouTube or Instagram. Good vibes only! Much love x

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