Garden party tipples

England's hot June mornings and sumptuous golden evenings are so gloriously rare that they instantly call for the unfolding of soft blankets on grassy lawns, so that you can joyfully unwind over the weekend with a gorgeous book, a punnet of strawberries (it is almost Wimbledon season after all) and a juicy cocktail!

The fabulous London-based cocktail mixer company Tipplesworth has created a stunning selection of premium all-natural cocktail mixers that are rich and flavourful, and blended with excellent ingredients, aiding any Hostess with the Mostest for the garden party season!

Whether you're looking for a decadent espresso mix to make the best wake-up-call cocktail, a marshmallowy mixer for your passion fruit martini, or a herbal hit for your botanical G&T, Tipplesworth have the perfect instant cocktail mixer for you.

Creamy Espresso Cocktail
Like an Espresso Martini, just add vodka - and a touch of milk for extra creamy dreaminess

You will need:
Tipplesworth Espresso Martini cocktail mixer
Vodka of your choice
Milk or cream
Optional: For a virgin Espresso Martini, leave out the spirit

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice (for a make-shift cocktail shaker, use a water bottle and an icing sugar sieve)
Add a shot of vodka, 50ml Espresso Martini mixer and 50ml milk.
Shake for roughly 20 seconds, and then strain into a martini glass.
Voila! (PS non-alcoholic Espresso Martinis are fabulous way to spruce-up and start a hot summer morning)

Garden Collins
Just add gin, and a zingy tonic!

You can also find little how-to method guides on the side of your Tipplesworth bottle.

You will need:
Tipplesworth Garden Collins cocktail mixer
Gin of your choice
Plain tonic water

Fill a gin bowl or tall glass with ice cubes.
Add a shot of gin and 100ml Garden Collins mixer.
Fill the remaining space with sparkling tonic water to create the most wonderfully floral and crisp G&T cocktail, perfect for a summer's day.

And introducing...

Passion Fruit Martini
Just add vodka - and a shimmering splash of champagne!

You will need:
Tipplesworth Passion Fruit Martini cocktail mixer
Vodka of your choice
A splash of sparkling wine

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, 50ml vodka and 50ml Passion Fruit Martini mixer.
Shake hard - then strain and serve in a martini glass.
Serve either with a shot of sparkling wine on the side, or with a glug in the glass - and garnish with a halved passion fruit for a tip-top pornstar martini touch.

You can order Tipplesworth's gorgeous summery mixers via their website, or in a whole host of wonderful stores (see the likes of Waitrose and Lakeland). You can also find them on social media, at Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Happy tippling!

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