Living in Cambridge: Interior decor at the University of Cambridge

Whilst Spring is the season people most typically identify as the time to revamp their interior spaces, Winter is a magical time to roll up your sleeves (perhaps not literally - it is getting pretty nippy now) and throw all kinds of sumptuous furry fabrics across your boudoir, transforming it into a parlour of luxury.
Now that I am living in Cambridge (potentially evident from how verbose I am being) and I have a new living space, I have managed to give it some characteristically Sapphire touches alongside the time which has been spent attending many lectures, and studying (amongst other wonderful things).
As I love interior design, but don't have total freedom to do it in rented accomodation (no wall d├ęcor allowed), I decided on two sensory factors which would give my space its girly cosiness - namely, its ultra feminine colour palette, and an array of gorgeous fabrics.

Clearly, the theme is pink. From the pins in my pin-board, to the faux fur rug on my carpet, to my pillow cases, I have scattered traces of soft pink all around my room.

Which leads on to all of those soft sexy throws which I have adorned my bedding and floor with - I have two creamy white fur pillows which have a matching duvet-throw, and then I recently purchased a divine little baby-pink rug, which is a burst of girliness on an otherwise quite dark, navy blue carpet.
And these heels combine every element that I love - I haven't worn them in Cambridge yet, but I am eagerly awaiting the perfect occasion.

Whilst I am excessively busy every day, I plan to find the time to post a bit more Cambridge content on here, as well as on my other online platforms. For a more in depth room tour, you can head to YouTube, wherein I filmed the world's speediest video, pre-Graduate Formal on Friday evening.


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