Lent term at Cambridge University, and meeting Tamara Kalinic

This has been one of the best and most productive weeks I have had at Cambridge University maybe ever so far. Not only did I have the opportunities to continue honing my sketching skills, I started gymming (which feels really good, even when it's achey), had my first supervision for my next essay, bought lots of great foods (hello M&S Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Rounds), and I had the pleasure of meeting luxury fashion influencer Tamara Kalinic!

And so, it all began on...


Despite the beautiful sunny blue sky outside my dorm room window, I stayed in for the morning to do a little bit of reading for my Monday lecture on 'Reader Theories' and to make promotional material for my MCR 'cocktail night', which was a perfect opportunity to do some sketching (and an even more perfect opportunity to sketch a bottle of Bombay Sapphire *wink*). Bought my favourite edema bean, carrot and lettuce salad on Sunday night and - pro tip - it is unbelievably delicious with olive oil and chilli sauce (obviously) (as 1) I love olives and 2) I use chilli sauce with everything, including mango, which I so happened to enjoy last night). Had my first lecture of the week and then gymmed to an amazing playlist.


A beautiful frosty morning of -1 degrees! Can't help but admire the stunning view from my window with delicate tree silhouettes, icy lawns, and a dusting of clouds. Had a long Research Methods lecture in the morning, and then did a noodle haul and gym session in the evening, followed by refreshing my fake tan routine!


Worked on my essay notes before popping into town for the first time since the weekend - an exceptionally grey and misty day, which is very quintessential of a British city. Bought an eclectic haul of vegetarian food from M&S (spring rolls, roasted vegetable lasagne, focaccia, etc) and some nutty snacks from Holland & Barrett. Plus, spontaneously had an evening catch-up with a Durham friend at a gorgeous pub by the station, appropriately called Station Tavern. Gins were enjoyed!


Started the day (post-breakfast) with a quick visit to my college library to pick out a handful of books that might work well with my essay. Did some sketching for a potential upcoming illustration and, as random as it sounds, got in touch with a whole bunch of ceilidh bands, for an upcoming Leap Year Ceilidh I'm organising! Had a supervision for my essay and then did some corporate work, so by this point was feeling preeeeeeeeetty tired brain-wise, even though I had my Dark Mint Lindt as fuel. Evening gym session followed by shower and roasted vegetable lasagne (excellent).


Finished off an illustration I was working on after walking to the leisure park to buy some food, and then brainstormed in the college's Union of Students office for some exciting events this term! Strode (very purposefully) into town to buy a t-shirt suitable for painting, as on Saturday morning I've been roped into painting over the chalk-board wall in our common room - so (as I have no old clothes here in Cambridge) instead of buying a cheap fast-fashion top, I decided to go thrifting, and I ended up getting someone's old St Andrew's University stash (which fittingly has the word 'Cupid' written across the back). It's mad bobbly but I kind of love it! Then I met a fabulous new Cambridge friend for a hot chocolate and mint tea in a stunning Bould Brothers café on Regent Street, and its interior is stunning. Everything is warm earth-tones, with art on the walls, mirrored tables, and rustic tiling. My evening got even more amazing, as I went to Pembroke College to listen to one of Times 100 top influencers, Tamara Kalinic, talk about her life as a luxury fashion & beauty influencer! I was lucky enough to get to talk to her afterwards all about the luxury fashion industry, and I overall had such a super evening. (And then I got home and ate lots of focaccia.) What a great way to wrap up the week!

Pop in the comments below or via my social channels your week's highlights!

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