August at home photo diary

Amazingly we have reached the end of the eighth month of the year - much to my astonishment, as I seem to have been living in a perpetual March, due to staying at home for the past five months (but being almost in September does mean that we are one step closer to Halloween and Christmas!)

Nevertheless, as I do each month, I have compiled all of the goings-on of the past month into this post, for a sweet little dose of August's finest moments...

Style & self-care

Whilst spending all of my time at home, I have still been finding time each week to fancify myself and spruce up the day with a touch of feminine sparkle (feeling good on the outside can help you feel good on the inside).

So if you have seen my latest Instagram posts, you will know that I have been feeling bohemian princess vibes - somewhere between Marie Antoinette and Helen of Troy.

Plus, if you have been over to my YouTube channel - which I have now been using for 1 whole year! - you will have seen that I have recently shot a number of 'dark academia' style lookbooks, featuring outfits like this...

From style to skincare, this month I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful array of natural, sustainable, and organic skincare and homeware businesses, from The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co., to the Magic Organic Apothecary, to Nathalie Bond Limited. Their natural essential-oil-filled ingredients lists and recyclable packaging is everything I look for in my quality skincare choices.

I also filmed some stop-motion reels (Instagram's newest video feature!) showing you my favourite self-care morning routine!


This month's culinary delights included my famous Italian lemon and almond biscuits, also known as ricciarelli (and similar to Turkish basdis), Hong Kong French Toast, and vegetarian lasagne. Let me know in the comments or via Instagram if you want the recipes!

Adventures at home

In terms of psychological travel, in August I read three books (so far!), including The Turn of the Screw and 1984.

In the physical sense, I haven't left the one-mile radius around my house, but here are some photos from my bedroom window, and from my adventures at the farm next door...

What have been your favourite August moments? Let me know in the comments below, or over on my Instagram!

See you soon in my next post,



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