Romwe Spring 2021 clothes & accessories new-in haul

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It has been almost a full year since I have bought any clothing or accessories. The last time that I did any shopping of the sort (online or in person) was at the start of March in 2020, when I was in London, and that was the last trip I have been on since lockdown (you can check out my last haul of 2020 in this blog post and YouTube video!). So I am so excited to be making this post - my first haul in 10 months - wherein I have bought the cutest (and furriest) clothing and accessory finds, all from the online retailer Romwe (although these items can also be found on Shein, and possibly many other dropshipping type websites).

Let me know what your favourite pieces are over on my YouTube video, on my Instagram, or in the comments below!


Going alphabetically (Accessories, Bags, Clothes) we'll begin with accessories! The main reason why I was drawn to Romwe in the first place was because of their array of satin scarves. They do pocket-square style scarves and big bandana type scarves, and I got the larger bandana type, which means that not only can it be worn around your neck and hair, but it can also possibly be worn as a DIY scarf top (which I am very excited to try). I bought a belt-print scarf (which exudes such a strong equestrian energy and I am totally in love with it), a leopard and jewellery print scarf, and a chain print scarf.

I also bought two pink faux fur snap-band scrunchies (although only one has been delivered so far - my other little furry band is in transit) which I plan on wearing like sleeve-cuffs. I have worn grey sleeve-cuffs before and I love them, and these snap bands work perfectly. The pink is even more beautiful than I expected and the fur is so soft.

I purchased two pairs of the cutest knitted winter-hat earrings, one pair of which I will be giving to my knit-a-holic Great Aunt asap, and the other pair which I'm keeping for me. If I had a hamster or some other tiny animal in my care, they would definitely be wearing one of these little hats.

In line with the season I bought a four-pack of face masks - but not just any typical face mask. These are furry face masks, each designed with a leopard print in a different shade of fabulous. It is going to be so important to stay safe in public open spaces after this lockdown, so I thought that these face masks would brighten up a dark situation.

And lastly, technically these are stationary but I'll mention them here - I bought a strip of beautiful pink and gold metallic thank you stickers to use for when I pack parcels for the jewellery I make and sell on Etsy! You can check out my shop by clicking here: Silkie Atelier.


I purchased two bags from Romwe and I love them! The first is a shearling-type fanny-pack with a beige teddy bear print. The second is a Dalmatian / cow-print over-the-shoulder bag. They are so statement that the photos speak for themselves.


Finally, clothing. I bought two clothing items from Romwe, the first being a teddy-bear print pyjama top in a warm cream colour, and the second being a pair of faux fur lined pink fingerless gloves! The most wonderful winter pieces ♡

Which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below or on one of my social pages.

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