Literally the best things ever: How to relax in 2018

A New Year always brings with it an array of exciting possibilities, a number of new opportunities to grasp, and brilliant options which you never knew existed. Regardless of whether you're a teeny-bopper, a student, a working professional, or somewhere in between, these amazing facets of the New Year will bring with them the necessity to saddle up, buckle down and focus on working yourself to success. Of course, work does not have to be a chore - and hopefully you're doing something which you love and get total enjoyment out of every time you do it, reaping the rewards from the effort you put in.

But sometimes, work is hard. Applications galore, essays upon essays, drafting, editing, or writing your days away until you're seeing sounds and hearing colours. So I find it necessary to treat yourself to the meditation and relaxation your mind and body requires, and I think that the traditional methods are some of the best ways to chill out and indulge...
Recently I was introduced to a wine-come-cocktail which was totally new to me and utterly gorgeous. Spending Boxing Day with my family and watching some fantastic Chris Pratt action in Jurassic World (I love dinosaurs) was made even yummier when a sexy little bottle of Kir Royale was introduced to the mix.

Beloved Marks & Spencer have created a version of the fizzy little luxury, combining sparkling white wine with blackcurrant, perfect for sipping. Even more splendid, my amazing Mother took the fabulousness to a whole new level through purchasing me a set of alcohol-scented candles to match all of the best drinks, from Prosecco (j'adore) to Bellini. And obviously I decided to take the gourmet relaxation to another level by enjoying these treasures while submerging in a small steamy evening bath.

It is the most simple, basic human delights which will totally perk up your day and give you all the energy and rejuvenation you need for tomorrow. 2018 should be the year for enjoying goodness, being happy and feeling the love from all of the amazing things around us, which Roald Dahl believed we too-often take for granted - and it's so true.

So try a new cocktail, light up a candle, and lather up in your tub.

Happy 2018!

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  1. The wine looks amazing, plus the batch and wine combo - win-win, right? :)


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