Sugar and Spice Valentine's Cocktails with Double Dutch Drinks

It was once said by Carl Gustav Jung that the meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. One can seem to be so strong on their own but - my gosh - the lightest touch from a spicy little minx can make a world of difference.

The idea of these exquisite pairings joining together and becoming something magnificent and new is quite romantic. From a scientific point of view any complimentary duo has the ability to turn into something phenomenal, which got me thinking about the amorous art of mixology. Gin, vodka, tequila: they all have their fabulous properties, but the addition of a special tonic can transform them into something phenomenal.
Double Dutch Drinks are founded on harmony, established by twin sisters Joyce and Raissa de Haas who created the most meticulously balanced tonics through extensive experimentation with taste pairings; not only are the flavour combinations of their drinks perfectly composed, they simultaneously create a divine equilibrium with the spirits they are paired with. Whether sipped on their own or paired with a liquor, Double Dutch Drinks are a refreshingly royal beverage.
The run-up to Valentine’s Day is the best time to experiment with drinks-mixing – with all of those exciting Valentine’s feelings it seems only right to concoct a cocktail which is equally fizzy, and the Double Dutch tonics are the essential mixer to keep your drink sparkling!
Sugar & Spice Cocktail with Cranberry & Ginger tonic
Double Dutch’s Cranberry & Ginger tonic water perfectly intertwines a tangy yet sweet and sumptuous cranberry fizz with the light summery spice of aromatic ginger, making it the perfect companion to any rich gin.
100ml Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger tonic
50ml Gin

To serve
To compliment the tonic’s natural sweet and spicy combination, dust sugar on the rim of your cocktail glass and add a slim sliver of zesty lemon.
Sweet & Herbaceous Cherry Pop Cocktail with Pomegranate & Basil tonic
Double Dutch’s Pomegranate & Basil tonic provides depth and body to any cocktail, with a profile that straddles sweet and peppery, flattering your fiery shot of vodka.
100ml Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil tonic
40ml vodka

To serve
To create harmony with the basil’s natural savoury flavour, pop in a cherry for eye-catching colour and sweetness.
 Nothing says romance like a vivacious little cherry in your sparkling cocktail!
Hot & Spicy Cupid Cocktail with Ginger Beer tonic
If you want fizz, spice and zesty sweet-heat this Valentine’s Day, Double Dutch’s Ginger Beer tonic is the best mixer to add a hot juicy flourish to your cocktail, perfect with vodka, rum or even on its own (yes, it's that good).
100ml Double Dutch Ginger Beer tonic
50ml vodka or rum

To serve
Rim your glass with sugar to compliment the tonic’s spice, and add a petite wedge of lemon to enhance its citrusy edge.
You can stay up to date with all things sweet & spicy by following Double Dutch across their social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Tell me what you concoct! Happy Valentine’s Day all x

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