How to decorate your university room: Interior inspo

If you're familiar with the majority of my online work, you will know that I am most known for my university and collegiate content, having blogged and vlogged as much as possible during my years studying at Durham and Cambridge - from day in the life university vlogs, to university essentials checklists, to room tours and other fabulous university things!

So, as we have reached the summer of 2020, that means that in a couple of months time thousands of students across England will be making the journey to commence or recommence their university expeditions.

Each one of those students has every right to make their experience as amazing as possible - so, the best place to start when curating a new and exciting opportunity is with yourself!

Obviously you will spend a lot of time in your college dorm room - especially so in the academic year 2020/2021, due to the constraints caused by the mind-bogglingly dystopian pandemic we have been witness to. Your room is where you sleep, it's often where you eat, and it's where you can both study and relax too. It is your haven, and it deserves to look as such!

Even if your brain is a little scrambled with work and extra-curriculars, that's even more reason to have a gorgeous room to recuperate in. Some things are beyond your control - like the colour of the walls and the colour of the carpet (admittedly much to my dismay) - but you have to power to sprinkle your interior design magic across every surface that your room has to offer. And so you should!

Let's start with bedding. In my Cambridge college, bedding was provided and optionally washed every fortnight. However, you could still bring your own bedding to use and wash if you wanted to. As I have a double bed at home, I didn't have single-bed bedding to take with me, and so I opted to use the college's baby blue sheets. But if you want to give the heart of your room an instantly personal touch I would highly recommend taking your own. If you're into a dark palette then emerald green or sexy blood red bedding will immediately add a rich depth to your room. If you prefer something still regal but more feminine then baby pink will give you the first touch of femininity to your humble parlour. Even better, you cover your quilt with a super soft faux fur throw, for warmth, comfort, and a little oohlala luxury.

Pillows were also provided by my college but I brought my own because I love big puffy ones. Pretty pillow covers are also a great way to add another personal stamp on your room, so I chose baby pink cases. I am intrigued by the new burst of silk and satin pillow cases that have recently exploded onto the interior scene as they immediately radiate Marie Antoinette auras, but I have yet to give them a whirl. (If you have any recommendations, do let me know!) Additionally I brought two faux fur cushions (to match the throw) to add some more padding and luxury to my space.

As previously mentioned (with much horror and disturbance) you obviously have no control over your college's (hideous) carpet. However, you do have control over purchasing a nice big rug to help cover two-fifths of it. Once I'd settled into my room, I walked into town and purchased the largest baby pink faux fur rug I could find. They're very comfortable to walk on, so my college rug has stayed with me (residing in my at-home bedroom as I write this very article!). If you can still see your college's carpet, consider buying a second rug for good measure.

Art is one of the most fabulous and personal ways to spruce up your space. As an artist I pinned my newspaper illustrations to my pin-board as soon as they were published, as well as making my own graphic designs and other lovely things to aid the transformation of my room. The more pieces the better, so I had a combination of favourite quotations and sketches of things I like. (If you saw my wall art in my vlogs and would like to commission any downloadable quotation prints, you can message me on my social pages - more information about illustrations and commissions will be posted here and on Instagram very soon).

Other homely touches you can add are displaying your favourite books to your bookshelf, opening a deliciously scented diffuser on your desk (candles usually aren't allowed), stringing fairy lights over your tables, and putting some plants and crystals on display.

Overall, this space will be your home for almost a year, and so you should do everything in your power to make sure you feel wonderfully happy within it :)

You can find the corresponding YouTube video to this blog post here!

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