Autumn wardrobe: first outfit of Fall

The first real hit of Autumn is a shock to Late Summer's system. At first, there is only a subtle hint that the seasons are changing as the weather drops by a few degrees, but one week later it's grey clouds, rain storms and purple fingers!

Being located in the North East - categorically one of the coldest spots in England - the transition happens in a click of your fingers, and any prior pining for crisp Autumnal days are looked back on with a cold stare for the sheer naiveté. However, Autumn is pretty and the weather could be a lot colder, so there's nothing really to complain about! Especially when it means that your warm Wintery wardrobe can finally be implemented, swapping the vivacious accents of Summeryness for the timeless checks and knits of Autumn.
So for my first ~Fall~ outing in the city I made the Autumnal equivalent of a sweet and preppy Spring outfit. I kept a small grey vest but covered it with a slouchy silver off-the-shoulder knit jumper, and I swapped a light Summer skirt for a woolly lilac one in a tartan-style print. I wore tan tights to prevent freezing my toes (!) and, as my one touch of weather will not defy me, slipped on the most sumptuous pair of soft pink furry heels.
The weather is undoubtedly going to become steadily more and more chilled so I'm excited for all of the Wintery outfits to come and, since I haven't made a fashion post in a while, I look forward to rectifying the deficit - Happy Autumn :)


  1. That jumper is amazing! Where did you get it? :)

  2. Super cute outfit! I am so jealous. We will probabyly be in summer clothes until November.

  3. That looks like a really comfy and soft jumper. That is so perfect for the winter.

  4. perfect Summer to Fall transition look!

  5. I always love plaid in the fall and winter.


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